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The Tru-Tray Kit includes everything needed to make your own custom molded plastic trays or items to use as work station organizers, drawer organizers, portable case inserts, or plastic items of any shape.
  • The process to custom fabricate your storage system begins with a tray of impression material that we offer in several different sizes. The trays are one size fits many because they are easily trimmed to fit. Every portable case listed on our site has the appropriate Tru-Tray Kit listed as a related product.
  • The items to be stored are arranged to determine optimum lay out, and then pressed into the dry foam tray. The impression material will retain the shapes.
  • Sharp edges and unwanted surface features are smoothed easily with a fingertip, dust and scrap are then cleared away with a tap or puff of air.
  • The tray is then saturated with our molding solution, using the high volume trigger sprayer included in the kit.
  • The tray is then set up to dry on the drying stands, also provided in the kit.
  • The tray will be dry in 12 to 48 hours, depending on temperature and humidity.
  • The tray is now a durable plastic with a pale green appearance. The tray can be painted with any coating suitable for plastic. It can also be covered with a fabric such as velvet or felt. For maximum grease and oil resistance we recommend our Top Coat, which is a Black Vinyl Polymer seen in some of the example photos.
  • If you make an irreversible error during the impression process, we will supply a replacement impression tray for you at no charge!             ( Shipping charges will apply )


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The tray shown on the left is ready for items to be impressed for use as a portable case insert. The middle photo is the original finished tray set up for a cordless impact driver with charger and accessories. The right photo shows how this mechanic later added more accessories and created a new tray that doubles as his tool box drawer liner, all without having to purchase a new case.

Left is a tray ready for items to be impressed for use in a beautiful wooden display case. Middle is Tru-Tray after being saturated with the Molding Solution. At this point, the tray is a durable non-porous plastic and is ready for use. The right photo shows the tray finished in velvet, transferred from the wooden display case to a portable plastic case for transport.

        Mold Tru-Tray any way that you like, even top and bottom for precision stacking!                          Paint Tru-Tray any colors that you love!

                A portable case insert, an entire case and a music book stand were all fabricated using the Tru-Tray System. The possibilities are Tru-ly Endless!

The wrench set on the left occupied 90% of this drawer before being set in Tru-Tray.
More work to do, but a step in the right direction for this mechanic.


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